Our elearning modules can lead to user certification or can simply provide you with the training you require to become familiar with our products. The choice is entirely yours.

User Certification for Marketing Mix Modelers

Users of our strataQED and modelQED solutions are encouraged to take our online elearning courses to help build their marketing mix modeling skills.

Our beginner course takes approximately 7 hours to complete and contains short modules that are tailor made to fit in with your busy schedule. If you just want to take the exam without viewing the course modules, you can do this too. If you’ve already completed this course and downloaded your certificate, why not sign up for the more advanced expert course. To access your elearning, simply log in with your username and password to get started. If you haven’t received log in credentials, contact us and we’ll get you set up.

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Elearning only

If you’re not interested in user certification but simply want to browse our e-learning modules, just contact us and we’ll set you up with log in credentials.

Only registered users of our software can access our e-learning courses or training modules. If you have lost your login details, simply contact a consultant and we’ll happily assist you.We hope you enjoy your learning journey!